01 December 2009

A Date with Papa

The day I'm awaiting for has come. My 1st solo date with papa....

....to the Botanical Garden. Yippee!!!
Cos we dun wanna bring a 'Merlion' mummy out to pollute the pond :p

There were so many plants, fishes, turtles and many more to see.
How can I not bring my camera along to take more photographs to show mummy? *Cheeze*
It was so fun staying out in the green on a bright sunny morning.
Here's my Victory pose for 'conquering' the park before we left for some tummy-filling moment.
Sweet treat for a sweet gal like ME :p
Toy'r'Us...here we come. This slide look really familiar. I think I used to have one like this. Let me try on it. Can we buy again, papa?

I had a fun and fruitful date with papa. Look! I even helped didi to pick a toy. Dun u think I'm a loving and doting jiejie? :)

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