01 December 2009

Good or Bad News????

Can any uncle or aunty tell me wat is this thingy on the pic? It sure looks like a candy stick to me. Mummy said I'll be having another sibling after seeing this and asked me if I want a didi or mei-mei!

As I oredi have a didi, I told her I want a mei-mei. But then hor, farny right? How can a 'candy stick' turn into mei-mei? So I asked if she can buy me another Barbie doll. :p

Didi also said he wants a mei-mei cos our new neighbour has 2 gals, one big and one small. That small little gal is 1 month older than him but he call her mei-mei. She also likes to come over our house and play. I think didi is fond of her. :)

Good or bad news???? The good news to me is me and didi are having 1 more playmate to snatch, fight play and bad news is mummy will be abandoning this blog for few months till she is feeling better cos she'll have 'PC Withdrawal Symptoms' whenever she is preggie.

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