08 December 2009

Snowy Fun

Christmas is around the corner and there will be this snowy thing at Tanglin every year, hence mummy wanna bring didi there b4 her MS get worsen.

We were greeted by this big snowman when we reached

There I was having fun with the foamy snow. Didi was a little scare initially....

.......but not for long after he has warmed up :)

It was a great place to run about, mess around and get dirty.

Everyone is covered by this thick foamy thing. We were not spared either, hiak hiak hiak

Papa had a great time too! There is no age limit for FUN :p

Soon we could hear some sound roaring and that was when this machine started to rain snow and foam. And I really mean 'heavy snowing' which made us all wet.

Luckily we went all well-prepared as mummy has brought along an extra set of clothing for each of us including out undies :D

Sigh~We went to wash up slightly b4 the snow session stop to avoid overcrowding at the washing area. Mummy has 100% Singaporean spirit displaying her kiasu attribute.

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