19 December 2009

Baking Fun

Mummy brought me and didi over to Sher's house for some kiddos' baking on a Saturday morning. Actually it was meant to be all gal's thingy but 'chicken boy' didi wanna tag along too. All he knew was play, play and play only....

This 2 fellas were the highlight for our 1st round of cookie making.

Cute, wasn't it?

Interesting...the adults helping me to 'reshape' after I have cut it out with the kitty cutter.

It was so fun kneading, rolling, cutting, pushing and patting....luckily I have pre-training from my play dough session

Sher showing me her kitty

Didi made his 1st appearance at the table after he got bored with the toys. He was curious what this white white packet of thing was. Sure looks like his baby powder :p

Didi: Can I help too?

Didi: Dun say I never help ah? The evidence are all over my face.
Wenz: Didi, those powdery stuff are FLOUR and not ur body powder. Stop dusting it on ur face.

We are almost done with the 1st round of cutting.....woohoo...

Tadah~kitties being gruesomely tormented

Yippee~it was all done and ready.....

...for popping into our mouths. Hmm...yummy and we want more more more!!!

We use other cutters to make different shapes. Since X'mas is just few days away, the cookies were all in pressies, x'mas tree, socks, candy stick, bears, stars.......and hv I forgotten to tell, it was fun!!!

Little baker in the making...

These were wat we needed for our cookie art and creativity. Ooooh yeah!

I love chocz. Let me put more M&Ms on it. :p

Didi, were u helping or nibbling on the fairy candy rice?

From raw to baked and we called it for a day. It was a long tiring day but enjoyable and so much fun. Well, I shoudn't be complaining as I gotto do something which I wasn't allow to do at home - eat and play at the same time. Thanks aunty Christin for the invitation. Let's bake some cupcakes next time, k? ;)

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