13 October 2009

Uncle Harold and Aunty Grace's Big Day

Papa specially arranged for me to attend the wedding dinner of Uncle Harold & Aunty Grace. I was sooo looking forward as I get to dress up like a little princess once again. Mummy and I get to meet many of papa's friends.

I was busy playing with the wedding favors displayed on our table all night long. The bride looks so gorgeous and pretty during the march-in ceremony. Papa carried me up during the 2nd march-in so that I could get a better view.

I was sooo happie when the newly-wed came over for foto-taking cos can save me from eating, wahahaha.....u noe, eating is really not my forte leh.

Then suddenly our table became so noisy.....how come the big boys can shout out so loudly in public whereas mummy always tell me not to make so much noise whenever I yell or scream?

Hey Uncle Harold, were u drunk huh? Tat's my water bottle leh. 跟小孩搶水暍! :p

Anyway, our table was noisy all night long.....and oh ya, our table was 'yum-seng-ing' non-stop in the name of someone....these big boys juz anyhow find a name to toast to their heart content. I participated too but mummy said I could shout loud loud only for wedding toast. :)

Soon it was dessert time which means the dinner was coming to the finale.....Hereby I wanna wish the newly wed "Blissful and Happiness Always"!

We made our way to the bus stop and there was a whole stretch of courtesy lions with different costume displayed. I specifically chose to pose with this. Cheers!

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