29 October 2009

Godpa's Buffday

An advance celebration for our dearest godpapa's buffday was held at our house. It was celebrated over simple meal, cake and some catch-up moment.

We got really excited when the cake was placed on the table. Didi sung the buffday song loudly as if it was his buffday. :p

After sing and wish-making will be cake-cutting....oooh yeah!

Then comes my fave moment - Pressie Opening! As it was such a tedious and tiring job, let me be a filial god-daughter to help godpapa open his pressie. :p

Didi and I would like to wish godpapa a super very Happy Buffday!


  1. Godfather in the limelight! Papa is the cameraman.

  2. Hehehehe.....not bad, at least u got 'promoted' to a cameraman now. Good job! :)


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