03 October 2009

Pak Pandir Traps the Tiger and Oily Cakes

On the Mid-Autumn day morning, mummy brought me to catch this play titled "Pak Pandir Traps the Tiger and Oily Cakes" at the Esplanade together wif Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei.

I enjoyed the play very much. I like the 2nd story about Pak Pandir especially and kept asking how did the goat being eaten by the tiger? :)

Some self-caming for the mummies b4 we leave Esplanade.

We went for lunch at Millenia Walk cos mummy wanna buy something from there.

Wat's a complete meal without dessert? Did u see our lollis in our hands? :p

Off the mummies we went for shopping at Marina...

Kylie and I were truly tired hence we made our way to the bus-stop and along our way we saw this cute lil' Baby Sarah mascot at Suntec. Kylie was terrified of mascot or big looking dolls...

One last shot b4 we bade goodbye to each other. Each of us got a GREEN balloon and aunty Karen simply dislikes green but everytime we go out, Kylie will end up with a green balloon. LOL :D

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