17 October 2009

busy saturday

Each time after my art class, mummy will wanna me to pose with my masterpiece. This time round, I hv decided to be different hence I asked mummy to pose instead.

Juz when I tot I could escape from foto-taking.....I was asked to pose oredi. :p

Remember the 'Ladybug Masterpiece' that I have done? Kylie get to do it on her 2nd lesson too.

Next we took a train down to CCK to fill our tummies. How could the 2 mummies resist the temptation to shop? As we had juz finished our lunch, the mummies had a very good excuse to shop a lil' while before bringing us to play cos they said they were afraid we might vomit out of foodie wor. I saw cute little softy and asked mummy to buy for me. Needless to say, the answer is a straight "NO"! Hmph....

My happiest moment has came. A place that has never fail to bring a smile on my face - PLAYGROUND! :D

Not only me hor, Kylie oso very de happie de mah!

Look! The mummies oso very de happie de wor. They could rest, self-cam, chat and take their shopping loots out to see while watching us play.

The mummies bot some more b4 leaving the shopping mall and mummy has handed over her shopping queen throne to aunty Karen cos she was the winner of that day! (",)


  1. can i ask which art class did u bring your ger to? thx :)

  2. Sorry for the late reply, the lessons are conducted at Senja, Bukit Panjang area. R u staying ard Bt Pj?

  3. The photo of Wenz with soft toys is really cute!

  4. She has been pestering me to buy but NO....I dun like soft toys tat much. She dunno how to look after those things and will mess up the whole house.

  5. Im staying cck... u have the website or contact numbers? :P

    can you email me at bluemizt@gmail.com... Cos dono when will you see this comment ma.. hehe :P

    tytytyty :)


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