12 October 2009

3rd Language?

Entry by mama

A research stated that learning 2 languages for children isn't good enuf. In fact, 3 will be better. My mum told me this incident that happened this morning. She went to fetch Wenz from school and brought her for lunch. This gal will always ask my mum to buy small small things for her. Suddenly she has the urge to go toilet and my mum brought her to the loo. There was a short queue and she was queuing behind a Malay lady. She was pacing up and down as if she was very urgent, then she blurted out "Tak boleh tahan". The Malay lady turned around and strike a short conversation with my mum in Melayu then she let Wenz go in the toilet 1st. :)

I find it funny when my mum told me this story. I remembered very clearly I once taught her to say "Selamat Pagi" and she was very angry refusing to learn any. Maybe she wasn't ready then, so does that mean she can pick up a 3rd language now?

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