28 June 2009

Transformers ROTF

Both HB and I went to catch the current hottest movie - Transformers ROTF yesterday and I'd say the movie is AWESOME and funny. Not really suitable for young kids though. Megan Fox is simply sexy and seductive but HB thinks otherwise, kekeke :D

Back to the story....my fave Bumble Bee is incredible in Pt 2 of this movie. He fought so well and bravely....very unlike of him cos he is the one always being bashed up and seeking for help. I was quite disappointed with Jetfire robot mode. The plane mode looks so chio but the robot mode is not appealing at all in this movie. 

The feel is so different from the toy too. Ya Jetfire is my HB's fave, hahaha but the part where he gave up himself to save Optimus Prime was commendable. 

niway...this TF ROTF is a worth watching movie if you somewhat like TF. It is definitely better than the 1st TF movie. (",

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