26 June 2009

Fun in the Sun

As the June Holidays are coming to an end plus the good weather and at the same time HB was on leave, we have decided to bring the kids to ECP for some riding and fun in the sand.

We bot a cheapo frisbee along the way to the park and had a great deal of fun with that round thingy. I enjoyed playing frisbee with HB following the momentum for not letting it drop onto the ground. Wenz enjoyed too while didi could only see and help us pick up, hurhurhur.

Didi got really excited upon seeing the return of his ye-ye, papa and Ben kor-kor with their rental bikes. We put him on the bike right away. However, he got a little afraid admist his excitement.

HB is getting old....it was only about 10 mins of riding didi around and he started complaining about aching. :p

HB then rode on my FL's bike and went cycling with Ben, leaving me to ride the kids. The kids took their turn to be rode. Didi enjoyed to be rode whereas Wenz enjoyed frisbee session more.

Soon HB came back with a bag of ice-cream cones and everyone rushed to grab one. (",)

Didi was one smart lad kept asking ah ma for ice-cream. So young yet already know how to ask for his right! ;)

The cones weren't really enuf to go around hence we gotto share it but I dun mind. Let HB have more so that he can put on the extra pound and happily shedding off it, hahaha ^.^

Wenz dislikes taking foto but she really pantang seeing us taking foto together. She will definitely wanna be part of it.

The ice-cream came really in time to cool everyone down.

After some rest, it was back to frisbee and cycling then wat else???? Returning home lah, kekeke else will gotto be squeezed like sardines with the people on the bus liao.

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  1. We should play frisbee more often. We are equally matched. Ha! Ha!


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