11 June 2009

Singapore Turf Club

Singapore Turf Club was having some sort of open house to public and off we went after mummy came back from work.

It was free admission to all. What's more??? If children went ter with animal-printed top will get a popcorn for free too. This turf club was not alien to ye-ye and nai-nai. There was a point of time where they came quite often.

It was very crowded inside. There were some shops and play scape for the children. They even have coloring contest for the kids for different age groups.

Everything seemed oblivious to didi whereas I kept asking nai-nai about the horses.

Soon the horses made their appearances by parading and galloping one round.....ye-ye said this was the time the gamblers will take notice of the horses then place the bet.

All didi did was eat and eat and eat....

I was influenced by him of course...

After touring the open area at ground level, we went to the gallery to enjoy aircon and snacks. This 2nd floor's admission was more expensive if you were to come on normal racing days.

See how happie and enjoyable ye-ye was!!! No wonder he initiated on coming here lah :p

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