07 June 2009

Here we come, gong-gong!!!

As gong-gong is coming back from his Thailand trip tonight, mummy brought us to the Changi Airport to welcome him back home. This is another good excuse for us to go out and have some fun. :)

Both didi and I were all geared up and ready to go...

We had a whole lot of fun running 'bout, err....I mean didi lah. He is really unstoppable making me chasing after him.

I pestered mummy on the issue that I wanna sit airplane as usual. :p

Mummy forever say never bring my passport, haven buy air tickets lah else would be forgotten to bring our luggage. Hmpf....I shall remind her next time when we come airport again!

Gong-gong was so happie upon seeing us but he was 'charred-looking' after a week at Thailand. Guess the weather over ter was terribly hot and humid too.

Luckily, papa suggested that we go Swensens for dinner and sweet treats. Well, at least this is something nice to make up for being unable to sit airplane. (",)

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