21 June 2009

Fathers' Day Celebration

Today is Fathers' Day and hereby wishing every daddy Happie Fathers' Day!!!

We had a fruitful Fathers' Day celebration yesterday by starting off with a good lunch, rejoicing for 3 Dads - the children dad, paternal and maternal grandpa. The kiddo's godpa was held up by some personal work else will be for 4. Everyone has good comments and was pleased with their food. As we were in the rush while going out, muddle-headed me has forgotten to bring along the camera.

Shopping was inevitable after meal and we landed up at dessert stall to complete the food cycle. :p

My name was selected for 4 preview NDP tickets this year and off we went to collect it at Marina. This is my 1st time winning any NDP tickets and oso my 1st time collecting it myself. It was hard work....with the road closure, hot weather and walking to the collection point.

We rested a lil' while inside Esplanade after collection of tixs and went to Millenia Walk as our last item on our itinery as my dad needed to get his glasses changed. Dinner was settled ter as well.

It was a long and tiring day out but very fruitful family day. ^.^

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