06 June 2009

Baking fun....

We had lotsa fun baking and eating gingerbread man earlier at Shervon's place. Thanks to aunty Christin's invite. What we need for making the cookie is all ready in this cute-looking little box except for egg, water and butter.

Shervon and I were having so much fun. The icing tube for cookie deco is in the box too and even the cookie cutter. Cool...

We have some hands-on kneading the dough.....

Look @our oily hands!!!

Whoa! Baking in progress.....Look at all these puffy-fat gingerbread man. :)

Mummy was having a great time decorating the cookie too! Lotsa fun and laughter was created during this time together with aunty Christin and Tr Cai Ning.

Some of our masterpieces....whoa!

Shervon and me both decorated one and ate it up....hahaha...who asked the gingerbread man to be sooo notti :p

What shall we bake next? I heard aunty Christin mentioning something abt "Fairy Cakes"!!! Hmm...sounds interesting...till we bake again (",)

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