21 February 2009

Macarons! Here I come......Hurray!

After hearing so many good review on the new extension of JP Shopping Centre, I could no longer contain my excitement in paying it a visit. I went ter together with my mum and kids since HB wasn't working too.

After the new extension, JP has indeed become bigger and more shops and eating places to choose from. As we are a family of sweet tooth, the kids couldn't resist their temptation on yummy-licious donuts. I ended up buying 2, one for HB and one for the kids.

Needless to ask, Princess loved it to bits and walloped most of it leaving Denz not much to savour; and he cried. T_T (Moral of the story: Need to exercise FAIRNESS, thus MUST buy 2 next time.)

We window-shopped the whole vincinity and saw Macarons on promo at Bakerzin. Of course mai dan liao and I grabbed 2 prepacked packs at only $10 for 12 pieces. Wasn't that a steal?

Being cheap isn't good enuf. It must be yummy as well. These Macarons didn't disappoint us. Yes! Everyone in the house loves it. It taste better than Almonde but this isn't the best that I have tried. I love Centre-Ps most for now. Have yet to try Canelé. Such sweet treats is never sufficient. We want More...mooore...moooore....

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