05 February 2009

Jiu-Jiu's Birthday

We celebrated jiu-jiu's birthday over at restaurant yesterday. Not his angmoh buff-day though but cheena one. His angmoh one is end of the month.

The cake mummy has ordered was yummy but food so-so only. Oreomisu flavour for the cake, .......hmm... simply yummy! Design was chosen by jiu-ma as she wanna remind jiu-jiu that he is getting older....kakaka! Still not old enuf to have beard and spectacle so mummy asked the shop to make few strands of white hair for the cute looking boy.

Didi confirm loves the cake very much cos only by luring him with the cake then he will turn his head towards you. Look at his dirty mouth. :p

I wasn't as greedy as him. I can still pose for the cam. I only like to lick the cream surrounded the cake. Mummy gotto finish the creamless cake as a result of what I have done. Additional pounds for her, kekeke :)

Ah ma and gong-gong were disappointed with some of the dishes as well. Think the adult might not be keen in going back there again for their food. Their standard has definitely drop.

Even though the food wasn't up to standard, jiu-jiu enjoyed his mini celebration with us, especially with me around singing the birthday song soooo loudly for him, even the next table joined in the singing too, hahahaha......

Happy Birthday to U, Jiu-Jiu! 生日快樂!"Wish U Year Year got today, whatever age u r will be filled with happy moments!" My translation sooo powderful right? (",)


  1. The cake is very tasty! Can't have enough. Yummy!

  2. Yup...I oso can't have enuf, kekeke....well, it's a whole year round of occasions...can always order. Yippee....YUMMY!


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