14 February 2009

Happy Valentines' Day!

Friends of Irene will know her workplace has this funfair carnival going on. Yes, I'm talking about C'Fiesta, a fund-raising project being organised! As Irene has to work in the morning at the Ops Centre, I brought my little princess out to buy flowers first before heading to the fiesta. The pricing for flowers has definitely gone up many times higher.
The same amount of money that I had spent on this tiny bouquet of flowers can definitely buy another bigger decent looking bouquet on any other normal days. Irene and I have agreed not to splurge on this V-day and fall into the trap of those commercial gimmicks. However, I still think I should get something for her. Everyday is V-day to us if we work towards the common goal.

Back to the fiesta....we reached about noon time cos wifee has asked for special permission to off-duty at noon and bring us around.

Look at the crowd! Omg...I should say it was considered quite a major event. Luckily all tickets were pre-bought so no queuing was necessary.

Wenz was attracted to the balloon-sculpting booth. There were lotsa game stalls, food stalls and novelty stalls.

We went to the Ops Centre and wait for Irene to handover duty. Met few of Irene's colleagues and kept saying Hi and Bye.

Cute-looking buzzy bees in the above pics right? It was one of the novelty item. Pay to have a photo shoot with them. I think if there is a dress-up photo shoot will be more ideal and interesting.

We went for the Woofball Mania but the queue was super-long. They do provide us with some hand held simply old school lamer game to keep us entertained amidst the long wait.

I managed to complete within minutes. It was a simple game, pressing 2 buttons, one on the right and one on the left, to make the rings fall into the hoops.

Luckily I grabbed a packet of Nasi Briyani while queuing outside else hungry man will become angry man plus the suuuuper-loooong queue that killed whatever fun there could be. Even Wenz was tired out by queuing for sooo looong.

Okay it was our turn soon. We have to remove our shoes, socks, accessories and even the rubberband that tied Wenz' hair as they were afraid might puncture the ball and we will all be wet. Haahaa...

Step 1: Put on number tag around waist and enter the ball

Step 2: Pump up the ball with dunno what kind of air

Step 3: Almost done

Step 4: We were ready...to ROLL and FALL

And it was mummy's turn. Irene got in the ball alone.

Wenz was having Grrrreat Fun!

All of us had a hard time getting up. Think we had balancing problem, hahaha

5 minutes was up and our ball was unzipped and deflated.

Out finally! Fresh air....*breathing* Hahaha

Soon Irene's turn to get out of the ball.
I was bored queuing for sooo long but 1 hr+ of waiting time in exchange for 5 minutes of funtime for Wenz was still worth it. She was super hype and happy inside the ball, kept falling behind making us fell. Upon hearing her laughter, everything is worthwhile. But seriously speaking, don't you think we look sooo much like hamsters?

Poor Denz could only watch outside the fencing. He was yelling out "Mummy....mimi...." when she saw Irene in the ball according to my ML. Guess he wanted to be part of the fun. Too bad as he reached together with ah ma after we had exchanged our coupons for the woofball mania entry passes.

We quickly used up the remaining coupons and went to have our late lunch. Everyone was exhausted on the way home after a sumptuous meal but feeling joyful and satisfied.

What an unusual way of celebrating our V-Day. This is definitely not the typical kind of romantic dinner and other stuff, more like a ....erm..Family Day. So in this Family cum Valentines' Day of ours, We wish for the person u love will cherish u even more and may the person loving u loves u even more each day. Happy Valentines' Day to All! Enjoy the special moment with your love ones.


  1. Thanks hummy for the flowers and everything. Hope you enjoyed ur day except for the WAIT at the woofball mania. Happy V-Day. Love ya! MUACKS

  2. You make be realised that V-day is not just for couple! I managed to spent V-Day with family and friends. Luv u always!

  3. wow, both of u so romantic...guess everyday is vday as long as the whole family is happy together!

  4. kekeke...thanks! Yup, juz gotto keep on changing our perspective. Once a while couple time is impt though. How's confinement? :p


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