11 March 2008

Super Kids on the move...

The super sleep-deprived mummy finally waited till some rest time to come as she has taken some leave to rest. She was hoping that her kids can sleep a little longer and not wake up too early so that she could have an hour or two to rest a little longer in her bed.

Her 2 kids, one is an active toddler and another an active baby, both were so co-operative that they didn't sleep well the night before. The toddler was making so much noise while asleep and the baby woke up at around 4.45am to play with his dear mummy. Oh gimme a break man. I need a break badly to catch some sleep in order to maintain my sanity.
This explains why I have not touch my pc for a long long time. The moment the 2 kiddos sleep, I could see the time on the clock was already 11.30pm and goodness, I need to wake up at 5.30am every weekday. The super baby will normally wake up at around 4 plus to 5, which means I only have about 4 hours to sleep each day.

Not again, I could hear super baby crying to be carried. You will be able to get 'free music' at my house everyday. The toughest moment of being a mum to this 2 lovely kids is of course making them sleep, else I wouldn't have complain so much now.

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