17 March 2008

Denz is 1/2 Year Old :)

It has been a super busy month not only for me but also for this super boy. He has acquired many skills in a month. He has learn to sit, crawl more steadily, stand up in his playpen and even walk while supporting himself by holding onto the sides of the playpen. What a curious and ambitious baby!! The yesterday guai guai baby has become a super active and unstoppable boy.

Ever since he know how to stand, disaster has befallen onto me. I'm getting close to be the best friend of the China's National Treasure - Panda Bear. The moment his eyes are wide open, he will stand up immediately. Bedtime at night is the worst, he juz simply couldn't lie on his back or tummy and kept standing up. Patting, swaddling, swinging, singing, massaging and simply nothing can wind this little curious baby down and no method can lure him to sleep. He has started to show his attitude, behaviour and unique characteristics.

Apart from his bad sleeping habit, changing and cleaning him is almost impossible. The moment u put him down, he will crawl away and nothing can calm him down to let you change him. He also has 'sharp buttock' cos he couldn't sit in his walker or pram for long else 'nice music' will be played.

Hopefully the dun wanna sleep is juz a passing phase and will go off real soon after he got enuf of standing up.

His development is considered on a fast track compared to Wenz. Every child is unique and different. People around me has been saying that he might start walking independently quite early. Well, I hope not else more tiring to run after him. Hmm....the thought of it make me shiver. @_@

Denz is 6 months old today. I wonder what other surprises will he give us in the coming weeks to come. His smiley face can really brighten me up when I return home. His smile is juz too charming and irresistible that it can melt my heart.

I love you son. Happy 1/2 year old to you! :)


  1. J&J Mum says:
    Wow Denz developement so fast. And yes once he learn to walk, nightmares started hehehe. Jeanie also kanna 'sharp buttock' before. Dun wanna sit in her rocking chair and only want to stand so now she is very happy sitting inside her walker. Changing diaper is also a big headache rite hehehe. Since Jeanie love to bite,chew and lick. I juz give her something to hold onto while I quickly change her. Machiam fast and furious man.

  2. Yes, totally agree with you. I oso use the same tactic while changing him. Outta be faster than him

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