25 March 2008

Roseola Infantum

The reason why didi became so sick was because he was attacked by a viral infection known as Roseola Infantum. This is a very common infection affecting mainly 6 months old babies to 3 years old toddlers, though children under 5 may still have a high chance of getting it. The symptoms resemble measles but it is not so thus it is always called False Measles.

I rmb Wenz got it one month b4 her 1st birthday. Wow, didi got it so early. On a good note is at least I dun have to worry at later stage since he got it now. Poor Denz, he has rashes all over his face, chin and his abdomen is the worst.

I brought him to see doctor and Dr gave me 1 week medical leave to look after him but I told Dr 7 days is too much. In fact I only need 2 days of rest as I'm really sleep-deprived from waking up almost every hour for the past few days to attend to Denz' cries. In the end I took 4 days of medical leave. No medication is needed for this infection as the rashes will clear up by itself. Hopefully Denz will return to norm soon.

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