19 March 2008

Gong-gong's Birthday!

We celebrated gong-gong's lunar birthday today cos it coincide with jiu-jiu and jiu-ma's off day. Oldies always like to celebrate lunar birthday over ang moh one and my gong-gong is of no exception.

Ah ma cooks lotsa yummy food for the mini celebration at home. Nai-nai, ye-ye and Ben kor-kor came over as well.

Jiu-jiu and jiu-ma bot durian cake for the event as they love durian to the core. In fact everyone enjoys the cake. That's for sure for my glutton mimi. :p

Didi couldn't take his eyes off the cake when mimi get the table ready.

Gong-gong insisted on celebrating at home cos he said dine out is far too expensive and he prefers home-cook stuff. Me too love ah ma's cooking. We can dine better andcomfortably if at home cos my didi is still at a troublesome stage. :p

Ah ma said since it was gong-gong's birthday and he was the birthday man, he shall have the final say.

Happy Birthday to gong-gong and may u stay healthy forever. Think I should be able to sing u birthday song together with didi next year. :)

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