27 March 2008

Ben kor kor's Birthday

Tomorrow is Ben kor kor's birthday but we had the mini celebration a day earlier.

Nai-nai cooked vegetarian mee siam for everyone and fried rice for kor kor and me. The treat was sedap. I finished my fried rice and played boyish game with kor kor.

Didi is the happiest though he still couldn't join in the fun of savoring our food. He enjoyed being carried all night long from one person to another.

Everyone is waiting anxiously for cake-cutting after dinner. Gu-gu bought cookies and cream cake for kor-kor and everyone loves it. Mimi even went for a second helping though she is always saying "on diet". :p

I even helped kor-kor to blow out the candle, machiam like rehearsal for next month. Know what's the occasion? My birthday loh, kekeke :)

Kor-kor awaited excitedly to unwrap his pressie mimi has bought for him. He likes it so much and couldn't wait any longer to try on his new shield and swing his new sword.

Tadah.....all geared up and ready to fight a battle :)

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