21 January 2008

Toilet-Trained FINALLY

Everyone in the family has been waiting for this day to come.......YES, Wenz is potty-trained finally. Actually most of my friends tot she was already trained because of the going-toilet pics that were posted before. Wenz was indeed potty-trained when she hasn't turn 2 but there was once she had a very bad diarrhoea and since then she develop very strong phobia towards potty as the diarrhoea has made her sat on potty for countless times.

I refused to let her wear any diaper and FORCED her to sit on her potty over the weekends. It's a heart-wrenching moment when you witnessing her holding her bladder, rejecting to use the potty no matter what. I must say she is very stubborn and sceptical about the potty. Anyone could practically see that 'urgent' look on her face but she juz simply wun sit on potty. She cried to put on diaper till she lost her voice. I even brought her down for a walk with that agony look on her face till she couldn't tahan anymore. I quickly brought her home and she finally sat on the potty. She was too 'urgent' till she peed half in the potty and half on the floor. Tat's alright!! I juz wanna her to know that potty isn't a monster. Since then she realised going potty isn't as scary as what she has thot it will be and she is willing to give it a try. So far only one accident when she was too engrossed playing, other than that, she's juz fine with the idea of going potty.

I'm feeling happy that she is potty-trained for pee pee but poo poo still not yet. Juz when I'm brooding over this, hb called me telling me Wenz had made a break-through. She poo-ed in the potty earlier with everyone clapping cheering for her. She even talked to me over the phone telling me how clever she was. She said "Wenzel poo poo in the potty already." "Ah ma throw and Wenzel flushed, hahaha." I think she juz enjoys flushing the toilet bowl and this flushing accelerated the process of all-this potty-training. Hopefully going potty is not for few days only and really hope she can go diaper-less even during nap and sleep time. Bravo to my little princess!!! Papa and mimi are sooo proud of you. :)

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  1. OOOH CONGRATS!!! am still desperately trying to train Tim... more mess than ever...sigh


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