26 January 2008

Siblings Bonding Time

Another new arrangement has emerged. Mum will be looking after my 2 kiddos from now on. I know it's hard on her but she said she will try. Denz 'failed' his 4-days probation period over at his nai-nai's house during daycare. Milk-drinking wise was okay. However, he didn't nap much over there causing prolonged fatigue in him till he develop dark circles around his eyes. He seemed very restless when I went to fetch him so mum decided to try looking after 2 instead.

It's a good thing also cos the 2 kiddos can bond better this way. Now didi has get used to jie-jie's screaming and jie-jie has get used to didi's presence in the house. Wenz has develop strong liking in playing dolls. She will imagine the doll she carried in her arms is her baby or didi. Whenever I burp the Denz, she will burp the doll too. She will put the doll to sleep, cover blankie for her, sing to her and even feed her. As for didi, he is forever smiling to his jie-jie, hoping to get some response from her.

Wenz is behaving much much better towards didi especially she is willing to share her toys with him liao. She will mimick what adults say to Denz as well. Mum is coping fine with 2 as well. Life has definitely becomes busier, more tired and lesser time to rest. The only headache thing now is the arrangement when Wenz starts school......

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