24 March 2011

Sonny's daily escapade

The best decision I had made this year is to switch my son to his current school. From a "I-dunno-boy" last year, he has changed and progressed to a more verbal and confident child. He no longer tell me "I-dunno" which left me worrying about his academic progress non-stop. Even though I love iPhone, iPad and all i-gadgets, doesn't mean I love hearing my son telling me I-dunno. It will only make me pondering what has he been doing in school all these while.

Just 2 months of learning in his new school, I can already see his development. It doesn't has to be a good school, the dedication level of the teachers plays a very important role in preschool education and I'm glad he has good and nice teachers. Increased confidence level in him also mean he knows how to talk back to me now. :p

Though it is a routine to take train to his school every morning, he is still happy about it. Best of all, I can be quite certain he has good sense of direction unlike me. He knows exactly every stops right after our house to his school. There was once, he even alerted me to alight when I was too engrossed on my game.

Well done sonny! As long as he enjoys and likes, my every effort of waking up extra early and sending him to school is worth it. :)


  1. Nice pic with Domo bag. Well done Denz and I'm just glad we made the change for him.

  2. I love his bag too. Too bad I'm too grown up to carry it or bring to work ~~Mummy :p


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