02 April 2011

Community Day Cum PCF 25th Anniversary

Papa is the man to queue for the goodies

Even BBC was there too!

The kiddos had awaited eagerly for today's event ever since they received the tickets from their teachers. It's finally the day for them to be entertained with stage performances, mini train ride & bouncy castle. What's more? There are also free goodie bags, popcorns, Mac Nuggets and candy floss to be given out. The kiddos were lucky to play the bouncy castle and train-ride before the crowd build up (All thanx to mimi's fine planning). We managed to get most of the freebies except popcorns & candy floss cos the queue was ridiculously long. Well, kiddos didn't miss out on those cos I bought them candy floss on our way home and we had plenty of popcorns at home.


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  2. cute pictures :3 Now i want to take my nephew to amusement park!


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