14 March 2011

My Brave Gal

Wenzel had to go for dental surgery to have eight of her decayed milk teeth extracted. I felt tremendously sad that she has to go though this at such young age and couldn't help reprimanding myself for neglecting her dental health in the past. Wenz has been very brave throughout but still it's especially hard for me when I was accompanying her during the anesthesia moment and having to witness her in trauma when she woke up after the surgery. I had tried my very best today to comfort my precious princess in anyway I could just to make it up to her. It is so heartfelt and comforting when Wenz told me that she is happy today despite the pain she had gone through this afternoon. I will personally ensure that I will do what I can to prevent such unfortunate happening to my children. Sorry and I love you loads. 'PS Daddy'


  1. omg.. 8 teeth? how is she going to eat after tat? poor gal.. sayang

  2. Yes, 8 teeth. I had fed her with water using syringe and she had some porrige yesterday. Wenz had again her appetite today and her recovery is astonishing. So glad that she's in high spirt today.


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