22 March 2011

Reading is Fun!!!

I never like reading since a child but I definitely wouldn't want my children to be like me. :p

Finally got their library cards done for all kiddos yesterday night. Yesssh!!! Cutie pie got his card at 8 months old. I might as well do for all since can save the hassle of making another trip later on. :)

Molly van is visiting Sonny boy's school today. Parents was asked to bring their library card along. This explain why I finally get my butt moving and flip flop to the nearby library.

Ooooh I really love the concept of mobile library aka Molly. The kids must be elated and having fun of it. I dun remember there was such a thing in my time.

Sonny came home with 3 books: 1st is Adventures of Molly, telling the purpose of Molly van in school. 2nd is on trucks. I borrowed another book on trucks for him too after got his card yesterday. 3rd is Catapult Man which have yet to read. I'm glad he enjoyed his day at school with Molly and have a rough understanding of what library is about. Thanks PCF Zhenghua for introducing this interesting concept into the curriculum.

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