01 March 2011

Sweet Thoughts of Resort World Singapore

When you have craving for chocolates & candies, remember to head down to RWS 'Resort World Singapore' cos at RWS, there are outlets of Hershey's Chocolate, Garrett Popcorns and Candylicous to satisfy your sweet-tooth. The staffs of Hershey's were giving out peanut butter chocolate so everyone were crowding around including us. Hee! Hee! The sweet memories of Garrett Popcorns still lingers so we bought caramel popcorns again. At Candylicous, we had ice-cream of authentic flavors like Bubblegum, Blue Heaven, Pistachio & Tirumisu. Over at RWS, the kiddos also had great times taking pics with those adorable mascots.

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