12 September 2010

A Mum's Confession

Entry by mummy

Time has becoming very precious and limited when you have more children. The amount of time allocated to each child is just so little which sometimes I feel so guilty for not being able to give them more. As a result, I'll tend to 'spoil' the kids a lil' by acceding to their small lil' request whenever they want. What they want is so simple and easily being fulfilled, it is difficult to say "NO" when you look at their expressions. "How much can I spoil them, right?" :p

With the new addition into the family, bringing them out during the weekend is becoming tougher than before. I'll still ensure I bring them out to the nearby mall or to their fave playground to have fun. They are such an angel by not asking for more as long as they get to go out.

Saturday is quite routine for them if they are going for their art lessons. Both will definitely ask for these what-I-called expensive kiddy rides ($3 for 15mins each) or the bouncy castle. Well, it is these simple pleasures that never fail to delight them. But of course they know the rules at the tip of their fingers that they can only choose ONE and not the luxury of both. :)


  1. Aww they're SO cute! I do agree that the more children, the harder it is to spend time with each one equally. I want another kid (a girl!), but I'm scared I won't have time to spend with my twin boys at the same time!! Xenz is precious... like the name ^^


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