04 September 2010

Kiddy Love

Entry by Mummy

The kids simply love weekend cos no school and only play time for them. I announced to them that I'll be bringing them to the playground. Kiddos shouting in great joy is inevitable.

I waited patiently for them at the playground but soon I got bored. So I had decided to see what was interesting and what I could get for the kiddos inside 7-eleven store which is located next to the play area.

As a mum, I'll try to be fair to each and single of my children so as not to create unnecessary bitter feud among siblings. It shouldn't be that bad to use the word 'feud' but every hatred and jealousy inside them could be accumulated over their growing-up years and eventually becoming something very undesirable. Hence it is always good to exercise fairness in every child.

I came out of the store buying only this cute little Hello Kitty lollipop set. It was plain obvious that this is for Wenz. It was unintentional. Not that I dun wanna get anything for Denz but I couldn't find anything suitable for him.

The kiddos surprised me with this. They have reached a consensus of Wenz having the ring and Denz taking the candy with occasional licking of the lollipop for Wenz. What about Xenz then?

I'm glad he knows that he isn't suppose to eat candy at such tender age hence he covered his mouth with his hand, indirectly created a very strong message across to his jie-jie and kor-kor that "No Candy for Me pls", I just want my nap! Do not disturb, shhhhhhh :)

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