10 September 2010

Finn's Full Month

Today is our cousin, baby Finn Finn's full month. Jiu ma has especially gel up his hair for the event. Look! He is such a handsome boy. He'll be 'botak' like my didi Xenz tomorrow.

Host of the day....

Didi Xenz was so farny. He thot was his day and dun wanna nap all day long. Mummy's best partner at work came to visit her, erm~more of visiting baby Xenz cos today coincide with Hari Raya and juz happen she was around our area visiting too.

Jiu ma was overwhelmed by so many guests who came to visit and send their blessing for the baby. This is no wonder we can see the big grin on her. Thank u to all who came for the event and also for their generosity on the gifts and red packets.

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