17 September 2010

Denz is 3

Entry by Mummy

Denz is such a simple boy. When I ask him what does he want for his birthday, he only mentioned that he wants a green cake ('cos green is his fave color).

I din buy him a green cake of course. Instead, I ordered a Disney Cars cake for his celebration in school. He was elated and ate a big piece of it.

His mindset was so simple as he insisted he dun wanna celebrate in school cos his thots was if he celebrated in school, he could not celebrate at home and he wanna have his party at home.

Party never fail to delight the kids. Didi was so happy and so did Wenz.

We ordered a Thomas the Train for home party.

Didi received a Thomas the train railway set from ye-ye and nai-nai and many more Thomas related gifts.

Happy Birthday my boy. Stay happy always and we love U

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