11 April 2010

Lush Greenery

On a nothing better to do Sunday morning, mummy has decided to lug both of us out to join ah ma and gang at the MacRitchie Reservoir for a walk.

We were the 1st to reach. Surprising huh? 'Cos mummy took a cab ter mah. We waited for quite a while for the rest to reach and I told mummy she hasn't been self-caming with me ever since she has a bb in her tummy. :p

I sought permission to take some fotos too. Hey, this foto of ah ma was taken by me. Not bad eh? Well, mummy said at least can capture the head, eyes, limbs and body. :)

With the arrival of everyone, it was the moment for didi to run and expend his ultimate energy. He stick to ah ma like a glue stick.

Another foto taken by me....

.....before I spotted this fella.

We were heading into the trail.....

Didi was exhilarated thinking something fun was ahead of him. We had a long walk, a really long walk till didi asked if we could take taxi out anot. Luckily uncle Walter carried him for a while then he kept asking to sit down a while.

We saw some monkeys inside the trail and the monkeys must be pretty hungry that one of it decided to snatch away a small bag from one aunty. Anything that the monkeys think could be food appeals to them and they will come really close to u, leaping high up trying to get hold of watever that the human was holding onto it. I'd think the monkeys ter were really aggressive. Mummy was shielding didi all along cos didi is merely a lil taller than them only. I think mummy better look after her popping belly too. :p

We came to this point where there was a super big log obstructing our path ahead.

No fret, I had crossed over. :)

...and didi too!

We had completed the trail and didi could take his well-deserved rest at the pavilion finally. Well-done didi! Mummy gave us each a lollipop and the monkeys were very 'well-informed' that it came right to our front to snatch. Well, the adults were very worried for us and we were advised to pop the lollis into our mouth to safeguard the candy. What an unpleasant encounter with the monkeys in the wild. Mummy said cos the monkeys were too used to be fed by humans and lost the instinct to look for food in the woods. I think they were simply lazy like me bah. Well, growling stomach is calling out for yummy food. Anything for me to eat, mummy? :)

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