10 April 2010

Kids Can Bake!!!

Mummy has been out of her mind recently. She bot a lot of cooking stuff and ingredients back home every now and then but we have never see her whipping up anything yet. :p

Mummy said wanna give ah ma a break in cooking thus she has decided to be chef of the night. She has cooked Macaroni Cheese in advance and will let us bake our own pizza.

It was so interesting making pizza of our own. I can put more of my fave ham and cheese and less on capsicums and pineapple.

Didi on the other hand likes more more pineapple.

Ready to put in...

Pizza in labour...

We waited anxiously...

Let me put on my glove as the oven is HOT but I'm scare leh.

Tadah~ Dinner's ready!

Dinner fixed within 10 minutes of time but we had a whole lot of fun in the process. Let me tuck in and try my DIY Pizza....


  1. Thank you for baking me the pizza! Taste great!

  2. kekekeke....thank u papa! With great compliments then u will get more to eat :):):)


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