21 July 2011

Xenzel's 1st Birthday

Born in the year of Tiger!

Hard-boiled-egg & Mee Sua is Ah Ma's tradition


Welcome everyone

Hongbao from Grandpa

I want my cake!

Sweet treats

Shoes from aunt

Try out my new shoes...

Xenz' 1st birthday remembered me how long I had left the blue force. His birth has influenced me to make an important transition in my life and I'm glad to have made the choice for my family as I feel more like a husband and father nowadays. Our ever cheerful and sometime cheeky Bang Bang has turned one and so here's another occasion our family rejoice. Well, our family has always been in celebration for numerous occasions all year round. Hee! Hee!

We have Xenz' birthday celebration within the family, that included godpa and his newly wed wife. The kiddos now have godma and hopefully my best friend will have his own little angel in the near future. On the food menu for this birthday celebration are creamy corn soup prepared by my mother-in-law (The chief chef), missus prepared potato salad & tomato spaghetti and on this rare occasion, I cooked and served my guests with the exclusive spaghetti cabonara.

Thank you to all for the hongbaos, gifts & most importantly the gifts


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