24 July 2011

Ah Ma's Lunar Birthday 2011

Wishing my mother-in-law a happy happy birthday and many many thanx to her for taking care of me since the time I was accepted as a member of Tan's family. I'm really grateful to her and if not for her unselfish and ever pouring love to us, there would be a lot more problems, both Irene & I had to face. It's really a blessing having the support of my mother-in-law all these years. My mother-in-law had recently bought a new pajamas for BBC and somehow he could feel that it's something out of the norm. BBC was in a really great mood after wearing his new pajamas like it was something special. He was crawling actively on the mattresses and having fun with Wenz & Denz. That's the good thing having siblings around! See how loving they are posing in front of the camera.

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