25 July 2011

Loving Artz

'I Love You Dad' from Wenz

'I Love You Mum' from Wenz

Birthday card I received from Denz last year

This is titled 'The Happy Man' aka daddy

Although the kiddos may at times caused menace but their true loving hearts towards parents can be so heartfelt. Every moment will I received these drawings and greeting cards from my kiddos. I felt the joy of being a parent and makes me think that all the things we have done for our lovely angels are worth it. It's their genuine expression of appreciation towards their caregivers.


  1. hi suceeded in getting in to the school you want wenz to go?

  2. Hi dear,

    Thanks for the concern. Need to ballot next fri. Now can only pray hard....real hard *sob sob sob*

    Bo bi bo bi...keeping fingers crossed.


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