04 June 2012

Wenz' & Denz' First Flight

Wenz and Denz had their first flight experience this June holidays however not with Papa & Mommy. It's Ye Ye & Nai Nai who had brought the kiddos to Genting Highlands Malaysia. An ideal getaway for the children and good experience taking airplane to cable car. At Genting Highlands, the kiddos had fun @ the amusement park and were treated with lotz candies from grandaunt and grand uncle. Papa & Mommy had to worry about their teeth back home. Hee! Hee! The weather was so nice and cooling from the pics, it's like they were standing in cloud... or fog... what ever... Lolz... Nai Nai mentioned that Genting Highlands is very maintained with all the amenities they needed. Just that it all come with a price... By the way, Mommy couldn't go because she was down down with chickenpox. 

By Papa


  1. from KL to genting right?i also prefer taking flight then travelling on coach.

  2. Yup! Let the kiddos experience what flight is. Took deluxe coach back after playing.


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