07 June 2012

Itchy! Itchy!

Before the start of June, Papa and Mommy met up Denz' teacher at the PCF for parent-teacher meeting. At that time, a lot of Denz' classmates were downed with Chickenpox. It was believed that mommy might have contacted the virus there. 

We had always wanted to protect Xenz from chickenpox through immunisation jabs however time and time again the appointments were delayed. Kind of fated that Xenz would also be contacted with chickenpox especially when he is so clingy to Mommy. To make matter worse, Xenz is too young to consume the anti-virus medication hence he had to suffer the full blown effect. Chickenpox were even on his tongue and anus making he extremely uncomfortable. Stay strong and cheerful BBC...

By Papa


  1. poor boy! but good to get it young!

  2. It's true to be better to get it when younger. Luckily the countless scars left behind are on his body only. Phew~


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