03 January 2012

Wenz' First Day @ Primary One

Anxious parents waiting to see their children during recess time

Wenz told us she was excited to go to primary school but at the same time afraid of having many homework.... Lol... As anxious (But not Kiasu) parents ourselves, wifee and I accompanied Wenz to school on her first day of school. The feeling was heavy like as though like sending our kid away for a long holiday. Fortunately, our gal has got Cassandra, a classmate from PCF, in the same class with her in primary school. When Cassandra saw Wenz, she said "I thought coloured hairband and trolley bag is not allowed". Wifee and I were speechless for a moment .... Hee! Hee! Well, like mother like daughter.... Wifee was a school rules breaker in the past. 

We had returned to Wenz' school again during recess time but could only observed from a distance.  She was accompanied by her assigned school buddy who's one year her senior. As usually, forgetful Wenz didn't bring her lunchbox to the canteen but thankfully she had utilised her $1/- school allowance on a bottle of Yakult and a packet of 'Wawa' rice crackers. 

During school dismissal, Wenz' teacher had brought her to the wrong exit but no fear, papa had ran between both gates just to make sure everything turned out right...

By Papa


  1. glad that wenz loves school!

  2. She still loves it but her mum here is experiencing a lil of dismay with tons on mini assessments :s

    They r P1 only...give them a break!


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