08 January 2012

Gong Gong Had A Fall

Not a very good start to year 2012 for our family as Gong Gong had a fall while on his way home and had fractured his left ankle. Supposedly leaving for Vietnam to attend a friend's wedding, he had to be replaced by Ah Ma. Gong Gong is now cast and nursing at our place and without Ah Ma for almost a week. Papa and mommy are under emergency preparedness. Both of them had taken leave from work, which means we get to see more of them @ home and especially papa bringing us to lesson and fetching us from school. Ye Ye and Nia Nia had also came over more frequently. We really felt the impact without Gong Gong and Ah Ma's help. What a reminder of our parent's importance! Unlike his usual self, papa had gotten up from bed early to get breakfast, wiped dry the toilet so its safer and chat unusually long with Gong Gong to keep him company. Get well soon Gong Gong and we missed you Ah Ma ; (

By Papa


  1. hope your dad gets well soon!

  2. I hope he will too. Sending him back for review and Physio is gonna exhaust my leave soon. Thanks


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