24 February 2011

Joyous Xenzel aka Bang Bang Chan

I have randomly selected some pics of our adorable Xenzel aka Bang Bang Chan (BBC). I'm glad that BBC has been really cheerful and since his arrival, he has given everyone in the house a lot of joy. He's now 7th months old, a fast muncher of variety of pureed foods and is now able to make skillful maneuvers on his walker.

14 February 2011

DIY Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day had been made too commercialized so instead of splurging unnecessarily, we had decided to spend the evening with everyone in the family @ home. Our Valentine's day dinner was DIY pizza bread and cornflake cookies. Best part was the kiddos were robbed into the dinner preparation. They had great fun spreading their desired ingredients and having the satisfaction customizing their own pizza. The kiddos also waited anxiously to munch those lovely chocolate cornflake cookies. :p

10 February 2011

Woodlands Waterfront

Daddy's new discovery
Huge playground for the kiddos

My father-in-law helping Denz

Looking across is Johor Bahru

A pic before we walk down the jetty

Even Ban Ban Chan likes it here

My dad loves to look for places suitable for family outing and his latest found through newspaper is Woodlands Waterfront. I am quite surprised with the integration of park and jetty at a location so near to the causeway. It's another alternative beside East Coast Park and you can expect less crowd too! Kiddos had a good time exploring the huge playground and dad had simply indulged himself at the sight of Johor Strait looking from the jetty. The constant breeze at the jetty made us even more light-hearted.

07 February 2011

Welcome to 'The Animal Resort'

We were welcome by gooses, waiting for us to feed them. Hee! Hee!

Lotz of Koi fishes @ this pond

Dad loves visiting rural places

National Geography photographer. Lol....

This horse was really hungry!

Singapore is a highly urbanized country so our next generation ain't often expose to animals that live in farm. However, Irene and I had managed to introduce farm animals to the kiddos using the quickest and most direct way by bringing them to 'The Animal Resort' located at Seletar West. Over there, we get to see these farm animals up close and personal through feeding them. The folks had also shared their stories about kampong days where they used to keep livestock. We had high-tea there, eating buns & breads which we brought along and sipped down kopi ordered from the friendly aunty looking after the place.

05 February 2011

Visit to Haw Par Villa

Do you still remember the glorious days of Har Par Villa

Now, they are getting into mood to dance.....

Pigsy is Denz' zodiac

Don't be scared!

Mummy touching on moral values

These are what made the founder of Har Par Villa successful

Does it remind you of 'Street fighters' E-Honda?

It's the third day of CNY 2011 when Irene & I decided to bring the kids to a place they have never been to. We first ain't sure if this place still exist after such a long time but we managed to find our way to Haw Par Villa with much ease. We were thrilled (at least I am) to see the villa still stand strong and it's really an excellent place to avoid crowd during this festive period. For the kids, it's like a park for them to admire the statues and learning more of moral values while walking through the section of 'ten chambers of hell'. For the adults, it's just felt like walking down memory lane.

03 February 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

It's the time of the year when spring returns to the land of China. Here in Singapore, it has been raining almost everyday for the past few days. However, the weather didn't dampen my mood. In fact, I'm looking forward to CNY for the first time after I started working, I'm able to take a long leave to celebrate Chinese New Year finally. Having more time and energy these days, I'm able to do more than just spring cleaning. This time round, I even managed to paint the toilet ceiling and walls at home. Another plus point was that I managed to make some minor changes to the geomancy at house for better harmony & fortune. I think my wife would be proud of her husband. Lol....
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