05 February 2011

Visit to Haw Par Villa

Do you still remember the glorious days of Har Par Villa

Now, they are getting into mood to dance.....

Pigsy is Denz' zodiac

Don't be scared!

Mummy touching on moral values

These are what made the founder of Har Par Villa successful

Does it remind you of 'Street fighters' E-Honda?

It's the third day of CNY 2011 when Irene & I decided to bring the kids to a place they have never been to. We first ain't sure if this place still exist after such a long time but we managed to find our way to Haw Par Villa with much ease. We were thrilled (at least I am) to see the villa still stand strong and it's really an excellent place to avoid crowd during this festive period. For the kids, it's like a park for them to admire the statues and learning more of moral values while walking through the section of 'ten chambers of hell'. For the adults, it's just felt like walking down memory lane.


  1. Hi there. Just spotted your Wenz.Denz.Xenz's blog. It's a very nice journal of your children. :D really. :D
    I mean having time for both family and hobbies are wonderful.


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