01 December 2011

Whole Kampong to Batam

BBC can now proclaimed himself as Prince of Batam with his first two overseas trips to the same island. Well, he's safe under the royal escort of our whole kampong. Hee! Hee! We usually stay @ Harris WaterFront Resort so this time round, we made a change by trying out the newly opened Harris hotel, conveniently located beside Batam Centre, ferry terminal. We practically spent the three days there eating and shopping (Not forgetting swimming). Batam Mega Mall is just diagonally across the street from our hotel and there's something there for everyone. The kiddos also enjoyed themselves a lot taking the long duration kiddy rides. For wifee and I, it's definitely the waffle and Rootbeer float at A&W. The meals we had @ the restaurants inside the mall are reasonably priced with our stomachs filled up most of the time.

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