22 November 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk

Another musical play to fill in the kiddos' school holiday. We couldn't get the first few rows this time so it was a different experience watching from the second storey. The play narrated the story in a positive manner as in, Jack Little, dreamed big but at the same time, his mother was there to make sure that his mind is not always drifting in the clouds. Apart from that, I like the alternate ending to the story whereby Jack changed the mindset of the giant, befriended him and together all the characters in the story managed to fulfill their dreams in the end. Amazingly, Wenz could tell me that there are many ways a story can end. So I guess she is now more flexible in her thinking...

By Papa


  1. love to bring kids to watch such performances too, but sometimes fine it too expensive.

  2. wow you manage to watch this! We didn't get the ticket :) My son went with his school to watch Elves and The Shoe maker :)


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