17 August 2011

Happy Bd Wifee - Words I Don't Say Often

It’s your birthday and I have a special message for you..................... I am definitely not the wealthiest neither am I the most charming. I maybe inferior to many, but I am the one who will fight for your honor and will be there with you through thick and thin with my true heart. The one who wants to appear right before you, every morning when you opened your eyes and the one who always want to be beside you, protecting you. You know I am not a romantic person however I sincerely hope that this man who exchanged vow with you can raise his head high and proof worthy before you.


  1. what a loving hubby! I believe your wifey is surely glad to have married to you! :)

  2. Thanks KKF! I truly feel blessed.

    Thankew Hummy for helping me to blog these days *I'm getting lazier :p* and I Love U with all my heart *muacks* :DDDDD


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