06 June 2011

Zoolympix 2011

Standing Broad Jump is now known to they as 'Leaping Tiger'

Wenz & Denz woke up really early today to shake me up from my lazy sleep as they could no longer hold their horses for our zoo trip. Mommy had recently participated in a contest by Abbott Grow and had won herself free zoo admission tickets so we were geared up for another visit to zoo. As it's June school holiday, Singapore zoo had jointly organized with Abbott for more wild and fun activities for children. Our kiddos had to use both their brains and brawns taking part in Zoolympix 2011 to gather all six stamps on their booklets. Meaning to say they need to clear six game stations and through these games understand the behaviours of six animals. For the kiddos, it's just play, play & more play.

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