21 August 2010

Xenz Full Month

A month has passed and it is Xenz Full Month today. The day starts with hair shaving for the baby.

He will be 'botak' soon. Check out his new look!

Hey! Where's all my hair?

Thank u note for the guests...

Appreciation for our distinguished guests..... These cuties eggies sure to delight me and didi.

Red eggs are inevitable for such occasion....

Something yummy to cheer up all the little kids....

Our 4eva helpful godpa is an early bird for the event.

Papa and mummy decided to hold a mini baby shower party for baby Xenz cos both me and didi had ours during our time. It wouldn't be fair to Xenz if we dun do something for him. Hence mummy invited a few of her close friends and........

papa also invited a few of his blog friends, close friends and good friends. Even though small scale but also look as if it's a big event with lotsa guests.

Happy Full Month to U, didi Xenz!

17 August 2010

Mummy's BD

It is mummy's birthday and she is still being 'confined' at the moment. Few more days to go and she will be 'freed'. Too bad baby Xenz is sleeping else he will be able to join in the fun. Well, I dun think he can blow candle yet. The most he blow saliva all over the cake. :p

Happy Birthday to mummy!

Mummy's gift from papa.

16 August 2010

Xenz VS Finn

Mummy isn't convinced that baby Xenz is so much smaller and shorter than baby Finn as shown on the foto she has taken when baby Finn was brought home from hospital. Baby Xenz might be small and light weight (2.6kg) at birth but after 3 weeks of feeding, mummy thot he should be on par with baby Finn who was 3.4kg at birth. So mummy decided to take foto for the duo again. Cute isn't it? Dun u think they do look a little alike?

15 August 2010

Last Week of Confinement

I could hear my dearest mummy shouted "Hurray" cos this week is her last week of confinement. She is so happy machiam like a birdie out of its cage. I also can't wait for mummy to bring me to skool and enrichment classes.

14 August 2010

Arrival of Baby Finn

I heard my cousin was born few days ago. Here I am waiting patiently for his home-sweet-home. You will be able to hear 2 sets of baby voices from today onwards cos jiu-jiu and family will be staying with us till end of this year.

My cousin aka Baby Finn was sleeping very very soundly when he has reached home. So cute. He has a combination of jiu-jiu and jiu-ma's features.

Notti mummy placed both babies inside the cot. OMG! Look at this.....baby Xenz is 3 weeks earlier than baby Finn, drank 3 weeks more of milk than baby Finn and he looked so petite and also smaller than baby Finn who is only 3 days old. Well, I guess mummy has to continue chubb him up further.

11 August 2010

Happy 3 Weeks old

As the title suggest, this little fella is 3 weeks old. In about a weeks' time, he will be celebrating his full month. He is none other than my little brother, Baby Xenzel.

Yesssh, this is a boy. Pardon for the pinkish baby bedding set cos this was bot for me when I was still somersaulting and boxing inside mummy. This baby sure has lotsa sleeping posture. He is also very farny, he loves to pull his hair then cry cos he dunno how to release it. Farny right? :p

10 August 2010

It's a Holiday!!!

Today is a holiday due to National Day. We had some bubbles fun time at our corridor cos mummy had bot some bottles of bubbles from Daiso for us to play before she gave birth.

Cheap and good stuff as $2 can put a wide smile on us and brighten up our day.

What was Baby Xenz doing? He could only hear our laughter and not able to get involved in the whole process of fun. No wonder he wasn't smiling all day long. :)

09 August 2010

NDP 2010

The once a year NDP is here again. Likewise, I gotto attend the preview last week with ye-ye, nai-nai and papa cos mummy is in confinement right now.

As we had reached not too early, our seats weren't good. We were seated quite in front. Well, no choice as early birds get worms to eat, hence we could only settle with whatever that was available.

Look at this! Wat a crowd, isn't it?

My cool ye-ye waiting for the real performance to start....

The night scene together with the lighting was great.

Papa was one happy chap cos he gotto watch the preview as spectator this time round instead of standing and be present for his duty call. He met his ex-colleague who was on duty. Oh well, papa is on long leave before he embarks on a new journey at his new workplace. He is now making up with his loss time with the family.

Ye-ye is one happy man as usual. He loves such event which is why mummy will always send names in for ticket balloting every year hoping to get the tickets.

'Cos mummy's fave is always the goodie bags......

.....and the goodies within. Yummy! Happy National Day Singapore.

08 August 2010

Nai-Nai's BD

August is always busy for my family cos there are too many birthdays to celebrate. 1st is ah ma and now is nai-nai. We had a simple celebration at home as mummy is still doing confinement.

Cake is a must when comes to birthday. Mummy and papa will always insist on buying good cake cos both 'em are cake lovers.

A pic with 3 of US :)

Baby Xenz got his share of joining in the celebration. No wonder you could see his grin on his face. :p

07 August 2010

My 3 Gems

Entry by Mummy

How are the kiddos adapting to the new addition in the family so far? I'd say so far so good. Wenz is quite bo chap as usual while Denz keeps displaying his side of loving nature as a kor kor. He has accepted his status as an elder bro finally. :)

I guess baby Xenz also know that he has a sister and bro. I try not to show my over protectiveness on the baby whenever my 2 big gems say they wanna touch baby or play with baby. Denz tells me everyday that he wanna share his cars and toys with baby and he wanna play with baby.

On the other hand, Wenz will tell me she wanna carry baby in her arms and she wanna feed baby milk. Even though they might still not be able to control their strength very well but they are accepting the baby into the family very well now.

06 August 2010

1st foto with Mummy

Mummy gets to overhaul herself today cos ah ma agreed to brew herbs for mummy to bath and wash hair. A refreshing mummy with cutie me :p

04 August 2010

Happy 2 Weeks old!

Hi peeps, I'm 2 weeks old today! I'm suppose to be due this week but I can't wait to come out earlier. Tadah~here I am. :)

01 August 2010

Xenz' 1st Studio Foto

Entry by Mummy

Have received the Peter Pan package last week and managed to scan it today. Xenz had his 1st studio foto taken at the hospital by Peter Pan.

From the foto, he does has some resemblance of Denz. What do you think?
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